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Two Headed Gold Dragon

Our Price: $22.99

Fury Unleashed

There are lots of dragons out there but if you're looking for the one to defeat, you've met your match!

You'll be battling a dragon of legend. A countryside roaming marvel of nature. His powerful limbs and whipped tail can knock down trees. His wings can create winds that blow men twenty feet away. His claws can tear into the strongest armor. His scorching fire breath has burned villages throughout the land.

It's no wonder he has struck fear into the heart of the kingdom. But now you're here. Engage and end his reign!

  • Dangerously beautiful shades of golds and oranges
  • Awesome and imposing 9" wingspan
  • Powerful breathing fire
  • Don't get clawed
  • High quality, made for play
  • Rich & authentic medieval details
  • Stands tall at about 4.5" with 9" wingspan
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