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Torx Whipslammer

Our Price: $19.99

Smack It Dodge It

In this cross between dodge ball and tether ball, whack the ball and quickly get out of the way when it snaps back at you. Don't move your feet or receive a penalty! Create a point system based on body parts hit and keep score as desired. Super fast and heart pounding game play for indoors or outdoors, by yourself or with friends.


  • Slam the Whipslammer towards your opponent, and dodge it as it comes flying back at you
  • Rules require your feet to stay glued to the ground or receive a penalty of your choosing
  • Create point system and keep score as desired


  • Stand on one foot and whack the Whipslammer
  • Hop out of the way to dodge it
  • Play solo or with a buddy

Ragin' Rally

  • Team up with a buddy
  • Rally the Whipslammer back and forth as hard as you can
  • Count the hits, add 'em up and try to beat your record

Quality Slam-Hardened Features

  • Lightweight rubber tip
  • Over 3 feet tall at 40.5"
  • Sturdy quality base

Heat up summer days by summoning these skills:

  • Ninja reflexes
  • Quick hits
  • Fast feet

Ages 8 and up

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