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Torx Ninja Darts

Our Price: $10.99

Aim Throw Score

After school time is Ninja time with this multi-game dart board that will require you to summon up:

  • Mad throws
  • Insane aim
  • Trick moves

Game Play 1

  • Throw your darts at the board
  • Develop ninja-like precision
  • Aim for the highest points - land on a Ninja and get an automatic rethrow
  • Swing action strap allows you to swing the board to try and hit the moving target - points doubled
  • Compete against yourself or fellow ninjas

Game Play 2

  • Hit the side of the dartboard so it swings back and forth
  • Only ninjas with ultra-awesome aim can pull off this in-motion shot
  • Use this maneuver while your opponent is throwing and help him miss the board - if successful subtract points, but if he scores on his next throw while the board is moving he doubles that hit score


  • Velcro-style dart board
  • Swing-action strap and door hook
  • Three green velcro-style darts
  • Three blue velcro-style darts
  • Made of high-quality plastic and materials

Ages 8 and up
1-6 Players

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