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Spy Gear Security Forces Tracker Set

Our Price: $31.00

Intelligent On-Demand Tracking

As a member of the Agency's Security Forces Unit, you are assigned to patrol and secure remote outposts, underground corridors, and places your team shouldn't be in.

This set will let you track movement throughout lock down areas and let you keep your field partner informed on when to move in, hide or get out.

Your Security Forces Tracker package includes the following:

Spy Motion Tracker
Two Sector, 100 Foot Range Security System

Track intruders and foreign agents from far away with this motion sensor alarm system! Plant the two sensors in two different strategic areas/sectors, gear up with the receiver cuff, and go to your stakeout post.

When either of the sensors are tripped, your cuff will flash and the alarm will sound. You can track enemy movements by watching on your cuff's LED's which of the two sensors are triggered. Use the Tracker in stealth mode to launch a silent ambush!

Works up to 100 feet away so you can track enemy whereabouts from the safety and comfort of Spy Headquarters.


  • Wrist surveillance cuff with alarm speaker & LED indicators
  • Two motion sensor pods
  • Works up to 100 feet (30 meters) away
  • Alarm mode or stealth mode
  • Amped stealth ops style

Spy Walkie Talkies
You Got Their Back, They've Got Yours

Keep the coast clear for fellow agents, update headquarters, and send encrypted messages from afar with these cool-under-pressure comm units. From synchronizing field tactics to sending silent emergency signals, this gear helps agents coordinate to win.


  • Instant, on-demand communication with push-to-talk
  • Develop your own codes and transmit encrypted messages with spy code key
  • Safety antenna and belt clip
  • Works up to 50 feet and through walls
  • Two walkie talkie units

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