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Spy Gear Panosphere 360 Spy Cam

Our Price: $60.00

Never Miss a Beat. Never Miss an Angle.

You're enemies are smart and elusive, and capturing them is never as easy as "point and shoot." You need to be smarter, anticipate their moves ten times in, and cover all your angles. So blanket your operational stage with a spy camera that lets you do just that.

The Panosphere 360 Spy Cam lets you capture every movement in every direction all at once. It records video and takes photos in amazing 360 degree spherical panorama. You won't miss a beat. Your evidence will never be out of frame.

Discreet in size, you can slide it on the ground, stick it to almost any surface or strap it to your bike. So you can instantly see what's going on in other rooms, get a literal fly-on-the-wall perspective or record your high-speed bike chase of the culprits.

Watch all the action back in an expansive all-encompassing 360 degree panosphere perspective. Viewing and analyzing your video is so easy. Connect it to your PC or Mac by USB. The free Spy Gear online software will let you rotate and free-scroll your 360 degree panosphere panorama images. You can manipulate, edit and share your video and photos with agents and friends across the world.

Welcome to Special Ops! Here's a run down of your new advanced spy cam:

Operational Specs

  • 360 degree spherical panorama photo and video capture
  • 2000+ photos
  • 15minutes+ video
  • 2GB Micro SD Card. Option to expand!
  • Easy to use with a simple 3 position switch operation ... photo, video & off

Situational Specs

  • Slide it … quickly see what's going on in other rooms
  • Stick it … take on a literal fly-on-the-wall perspective
  • Strap it … record your high-speed bike chases
  • Camera is able to swivel 90 degrees up/down to accommodate different placement angles

Viewing and Analysis Specs

  • View, rotate and free-scroll 360 panosphere images with free Spy Gear software
  • Sharing and social media integration options
  • Simple USB connection. Cable included.
  • PC or Mac

Design Specs

  • Amped & rugged stealth ops style
  • Discreet size at approx 3.75" diameter
  • Easy to carry. Covert.

Your Package

  • Recording unit
  • Sliding disk apparatus, suction cup bracket & strap bracket
  • 2GB Micro SD Card. Option to expand!
  • USB cable
  • Replaceable battery

MPN 70135
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