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Spy Gear Class Act Combo

Our Price: $24.97

From Student to Spy

Many of our best undercover agents are students. Recruited into the Agency's Class Act Unit, they're regular kids who go to school, do their homework and play after school sports. But little do their classmates know their secret status. This gear lets them go about their everyday school activities but when a mission calls, they're ready to jump into action.

Ultimate Spy Watch To your friends this is just a watch, but only you know that this is an agency-issued Ultimate Spy Watch, packed with eight mission winning tools. A perennial student/spy favorite that features:

  • Decoder Screen- quickly decipher encrypted messages meant for your eyes only
  • Two Safe-Drop Message Capsules and Paper- safely leave secret messages on the spot
  • Motion Alarm with Time Stamp- you have little time for distractions, so protect yourself and your assets while you spy
  • Site Crosshairs- an easy way to zero in on your target
  • Flashlight- keep your mission going when your enemy has cut off the building's power
  • World Time and Wake Up Alarm- for an error-free job, synchronize your work with agents working around the world
  • Stop Watch- you only have a little time before the alarms sound, so keep track of it
  • Locking Armor- protect your tools
  • Rugged- stealth ops design

Spy Lazer Pen From student to spy, when you're called to go undercover this pen transforms from your everyday class note taking pen into three covert spy tools. Secretly communicate with other field agents by projecting laser-like signals onto any surface. Create your own morse-like codes or use the different light colors to signal certain actions - like blue for "proceed", yellow for "caution", and red for "abort"

Flip out the pivoting telescope to track your suspects and then use the the color-changing laser pointer to tag your target for your fellow agents. When your missions lead you to dark places you shouldn't be in, use it as an on-the-go super portable flashlight to find your way.


  • 2-in-1 Flashlight & Lazer Pointer
  • 3 Color Changing Lenses - yellow, red, and blue - store securely in the pen
  • Pen converts into a pivoting telescope and snaps together with lighting system
  • On/off switch
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