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Robot 2017

Our Price: $39.99

Automatic Operation!

Robot 2017 embodies the technology and craftsmanship of the Old Republic. Hand formed and assembled from intricate pieces punched out of beautifully printed tin sheets, each Robot 2017 is a true galactic treasure.

Based on early "Rotat-o-matic" robots, Robot 2017 really astounds. When activated, he walks, his red headlight glows, upper body rotates three times, and chest panel opens to reveal blinking shooting guns with realistic blasting sounds. Similar to classic binary electronics, Robot 2017 repeats his actions according to his mechanical programming until you power him down.

Robot 2017 is not intended as an outright play toy and is best appreciated as an enduring legacy of the Old Republic - to carefully share, observe, cherish and learn from. But really, your whole family will just be amazed. Silicon has nothing on the raw power and elegance of good ol' oiled tin.


  • Automatic operation
  • Walking stop & go action
  • Swing open doors
  • Blinking and shooting gun
  • Realistic shooting sound
  • Rotating body
  • Beautiful nebula blue
  • Shipped in Old 60's Republic styled cargo box
  • 12" tall

Requires 2D batteries not included. Ages 14+
To be enjoyed by the family but not an outright play toy.
Requires adult operation and handling, and supervision around children.

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