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PRIME-8 w/Bonus Mini Prime-8

Our Price: $44.95

Roar, Rock, and Rule

Watch out! Your jungle expedition has just taken a wrong turn! Face-to-face with an alien invasion of PRIME-8s is not the discovery you were looking for. Now it's up to you and your team to stop them and befriend them. They will become the ally you need on your way through the dim and danger of the jungle and when it gets just a bit too quiet back at home.

While you haven't determined their origin, here’s what your team has found out about PRIME-8s:

  • Sensors enable them to detect and respond to sound, touch, and movement
  • They can roam autonomously and interact with the environment
  • Patent-grade, spiral-speed propulsion technology allows them to run on their arms
  • Recognizes intruders and obstacles, and fires rubber-tipped rockets and lasers
  • Remote control enables operators to take direct control of PRIME-8
  • Operators can program up to ten custom functions at a time and initiate them remotely
  • Remote commanders can also control Prime-8s in head-to-head laser tag battles
  • Retractable legs, orientation/tilt sensors, speaker
  • Laser-charging shoulder lights; laser-shooting LED eyes
  • They are packed with over 100 features and animations, such as falling over when hit, sniffing, racing, target shooting, playing dodge ball, and marching in formation with two or more other PRIME-8s
Mini Prime-8 has the same form as his full size counterpart, and can run, hop and make high-speed spin-outs!

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