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Piratatak Djeco Pirate Game

Our Price: $12.99

Build. Fight. Sail.

You have treasure to find! So be the first one to build your ship and set sail. But watch out! There are pirates that don't want 'yer grubby hands on that gold and will do anything to stop you from leaving port.

In this European children's game of pirates and strategy, your goal is to sail first - be the first player to collect the six cards that make up your color ship. You can draw your pieces from the center pile or buy them from other players, but whatever you do watch out for pirate cards! Their attack will put you behind other players racing to build their own ship.

Adventurous or careful, everyone has their own strategy to construct their ship before the pirates attack. What will yours be?

Cards and Game Features

  • 24 Ship Cards. Collect all six cards of your color ship and set sail ... you win!
  • 20 Gold Coin Cards. Draw them, save them, and use them at the right time to buy your color from other players.
  • 8 Pirate Cards. Draw these and lose big, having to return three cards to the center pile.
  • 3 Canon Cards. Valuable in defending your cards against pirates and staying ahead of other players.
  • Designed at a Parisian studio in France


  • 55 cards with rich quality illustration
  • Heavy grade box with a pull out draw that holds cards during game play
  • Rules of play
Ages 5 and up
2 to 4 players
Playing time: 15 minutes

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