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Hyper Freeze Ball

Our Price: $8.99

Grab. Freeze. Throw. Gotcha!

After school or on the weekends, rally your friends and test your reflexes in this fast paced game of gonna get you ... gotcha!

Freeze Ball is anything but standing still - it's a high energy game of moving fast, aiming great, and dodging hits...again and again until a victory is called.

Each player puts on two Hyper Bands. The first player tosses the ball. Did the ball land with your color and number facing up? Sprint for the ball and yell "Freeze!" to stop your opponents in their tracks! They cannot move their feet but can bend or duck to avoid it.

Can you trick who you're really aiming for? Toss the ball - if you tag a player, you get to keep one of their Hyper Bands. If they catch it - you lose a Hyper Band. If you miss, it's the next players turn. The first player to collect all the Hyper Bands wins!

Play Features

  • Colors/numbers thrown, distances players can run, trick throws, who can hit who, and who wins back or loses their cuffs provide unpredictable and fast-paced results
  • Develop alternate rules- there's lots of ways to play

Two Standard Bonus Games

  • Solo/Dual Tag Spread out the Hyper Bands and test your aim. Play solo or with an opponent ... the higher the number hit, the bigger the score.
  • Brain Freeze Listen for your color or number from other players as the ball is thrown in mid-year. If it's you catch it and earn a Hyper Band. Miss it and lose a Hyper Band.
  • Includes

    • One high quality, six color soft & safe foam ball - with the weight to throw it far but soft not to hurt
    • Six high-quality colored Hyper Bands
    • Hours of fast paced running, maneuvering, aiming and capturing

    One Game of Balance Bender provides 25% of your child's activity needs and promotes:

    • Healthy heart
    • Group play

    Ages 6 and up 1-6 Players

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