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Hyper Balance Bender

Our Price: $8.99

Balance. Bend. Defy Gravity.

Put your agility, strength and balance to the test.

First, build your course with the ten elevated pods. Step from one pod to the next, picking them up in order, one through ten, as you go. Bend, stretch and lean as far as you can. But whatever you do - don't fall! Are you up for this body-bending, gravity defying challenge?

Game Play:

  • Build your course or compete trying to build the most difficult course for your opponent
  • Step on the pods and pick them up
  • Don't fall and you win
  • If you want a challenge, turn around and go back, only stepping on every second pod; then try every third. How far can you stretch?
  • For team games, line up pods in two even rows and race back and forth across them. See who falls off first.

Four Bonus Games:

  • Spiral Bender: Rotate through a circular course
  • Battle Bender: Tackle the course & block your opponents
  • Double Bender: Go head to head, odds vs. evens. As you pass, you pick up odds as your opponent picks up evens. Who can collect all their pods first without falling off?
  • Relay Bender: Take the game outside for a team relay - players hand vacant pods up the line to their team members, who place them in front of them and move every player a step closer to victory.
  • Includes Ten strong and elevated pods, colored and numbered. Designed to balance and stand on, with finger notches to help pick up.

    One Game of Balance Bender provides 25% of your child's activity needs and promotes:

    • Muscle strength and flexibility
    • Muscle coordination and reflexes

    Ages 6 and up 1-6 Players

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