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Fire & Ice Erupting Volcano

Our Price: $14.99

Real Time Jurassic Eruptions Over Land & Lighted Ice

Your Lost World Expedition has traveled back in time to when the dinosaurs roamed. But watch out! Your time machine brought you to just moments before a volcanic eruption is about to take place.

Take refuge atop the plateau and view a classic Jurassic volcanic eruption. You might even see roaming Velociraptors scatter as the mountain erupts!

Later on your journey, your team is surprised to discover a cold and icy dino land. On the horizon? A glistening in light, ice volcano that is about to explode!

Fire & Ice Volcano Features
  • One Sculpted Volcano that lets you create two different kinds of volcanic eruptions ... over rugged land and lighted real ice
  • One light-up base with built-in LED that illuminates the ice volcano
  • One ice plug
  • Instruction manual

  • Using just a few simple household ingredients, your Lost World Expedition Team will get to create and watch two different kinds of volcanic eruptions:
  • Land volcano eruptions using the terrain cut & colored volcano sculpture
  • Ice volcano eruptions that light up with the built-in LED. You will use the volcano sculpture as a mold to make a beautiful real-life frozen water volcano that gets placed over the light-up base.
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