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Casino Pirate

Our Price: $17.99

Make a Plan & Take a Chance for Treasure & Destiny

To increase their booty and take control of their destiny, a pirate worthy of their name must know how to think one step ahead, take hard risks and bluff without blinking an eye!

In this colorful European children's pirate game, your goal is to get as close as possible to a treasure worth exactly 7 1/2 gold pieces or to make the other players believe that you have. With captain-worthy skills and a grain of sand of luck, you might just win it all!

What you do after you win the game and gold is up to you ... buy a ship and name yourself captain? Become a free agent ... for good, or bad? Or maybe build yourself a little house on a little island in the great big blue waters? As you wish.

Game Features:

  • 28 Precious Stone Cards
  • 12 Gold Piece Cards
  • 4 Rock Cards
  • 50 Treasure Pieces for bidding
  • Seven-seas-grade box with a pull out draw
  • Rules of play in eight languages
  • Rich quality illustrations
  • Designed at a Parisian studio in France

Ages 7+
3 to 5 Players
Playing Time: 15-20 minutes

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